Laravel 7.x package for logging errors


You can install the package through Composer.
composer require cerealkiller/error-logger-laravel-sdk
Then publish the config and migration file of the package using artisan.
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="ErrorLogger\ErrorLoggerServiceProvider"
And adjust config file (config/errorlogger.php) with your desired settings.
Note: By default only local environments will report errors. To modify this edit your errorlogger configuration.

ENV Configuration

Application keys are generated at
All that is left to do is to define env configuration variable in .env
ERRORLOGGER_API_KEY is key which authorizes your application to the API.
Next is to add the errorlogger driver to the logging.php file:
'channels' => [
'errorlogger' => [
'driver' => 'errorlogger',
After that you have configured the ErrorLogger channel you can add it to the stack section:
'channels' => [
'stack' => [
'driver' => 'stack',
'channels' => ['single', 'errorlogger'],


To catch frontend errors, add this include blade directive on top of the file where you want to log errors.


Now test to see if it works, you can do this in two ways.

Option 1:

Run this in your terminal:
php artisan errorlogger:test

Option 2:

Run this code in your application to see if the exception is received by ErrorLogger.
throw new \Exception('Testing my application!');
And you are good to go! Happy coding :)
Last modified 3yr ago